Custom Metal Fabrication in Connecticut

Pro-Forming Sheet Metal is your One-Stop Shop for Custom Metal Fabrication in CT

With more than 25 years in the industry, we are one of the most experienced metal fabricators in Connecticut and we understand that it is vital for our customers to get their products manufactured precisely and efficiently. Over the years we have diversified our fabrication capabilities and broadened the types of products we can manufacture based on our ever-expanding customer base and their needs.

With Pro-Forming Sheet Metal, you can have all of your custom metal fabrication needs met by one provider.

When your business relies on efficiency and precision, Pro-Forming will save you valuable time and effort of searching for multiple vendors and suppliers.

From CAD design to CNC punching and forming, we can handle nearly any custom order for metal fabrication in CT from our shop in Norwich. When your order requires a more specialized type of work, we can call on one of our many trusted vendors throughout the country.

We offer our Metal Custom Fabrication customers superior supplemental Metal Machining and Milling 

By spending less time with multiple vendors, we are able to control lead times and associated cost.

For manufacturers in Connecticut, our supplemental metal machining that’s precise down to the thousandth of an inch and consistent from part to part. Combined with CAD design, CNC punching and forming we can guarantee you precision and consistency, no matter how unique an order is.

Find out how Pro-Forming Sheet Metal can meet your metal fabrication needs.

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